Online Betting Provider Payment Methods

Online Betting Provider Payment Methods


The existing payment methods are also decisive in the evaluation of sports betting providers. These have a big influence on different things. Of course, this is also about transferring your money to the sports betting provider as quickly as possible. And, very importantly, how quickly and easily you can get your bet and profit back. Convenience and ease of use play an elementary role. Here we introduce you to some payment methods:


If you are interested in placing your bets with a sports betting provider, where it is complicated and nerve-racking to make deposits or even withdrawals. At this point we give you our top 6 online sports betting providers with the largest number of payment methods, the easiest handling and the best conditions. Of course, this is a subjective judgment, but our testers made it after the examination of many important points!


Which payment providers are available?


There are a number of different payment options available at sports betting providers. Many payment methods are known safely through online shopping and co. However, there are completely new payment service providers that are still quite unknown. This includes, for example, Trustly’s Pay N Play method, which we will give you more information about later on.




In the case of electronic wallets, the existing balance is managed virtually and also sent in both directions. The term e-wallets may not be familiar to everyone at first. But when you explain that PayPal, for example, belongs to this category, most people immediately understand what is meant. It is often assigned to a specific account via an email address. From our point of view, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are the best three e-wallets, which is why we present them so accurately




The class primus for payment methods at online bookmakers is certainly PayPal. This payment service provider is only available from online sports betting providers that are also in possession of a German Schleswig-Holstein license. This means that the security side is already well met. PayPal is generally very easy to use and can also be used on the Internet with many providers for payment and shopping.


This is, of course, an additional advantage that speaks for PayPal. In addition, we can deposit data with PayPal that we may not necessarily want to give to a sports betting provider. This includes, for example, our bank details or our credit card details, which are particularly sensitive. PayPal is usually free of charge for betting providers.


Skrill and Neteller


Neteller and Skrill are two suppliers who now belong to the same group. Both payment methods are available from many sports betting providers. They are absolutely comparable to PayPal in terms of handling, but also offer the possibility to get hold of a debit credit card.


However, it is also important that some bonus promotions are structured in such a way that you cannot use Skrill and Neteller. Although the payment methods are then available at the respective betting provider, you may not use them for bonuses.


The debit card is structured as follows: You have an additional credit card. This makes it possible to use the credit. One drawback, however, is that Skrill and Neteller are relatively rare to use in normal stores.


One advantage of these e-wallets is that you can now also top up your account with Bitcoins and connect them to work with them. In addition, both Skrill and Neteller impress with their ease of use. Unfortunately, the restriction on the usability of bonuses is an exclusion criterion for many betting fans


Brand new: MuchBetter


The payment option called MuchBetter is brand new. It is an electronic wallet that works via an app. It is available for iOS and Android customers, you can find it in the App Store or the Google Play Store. MuchBetter is available in more than 150 countries and is already offered by some online betting providers.


The advantages of MuchBetter are manifold. Especially the payment speed is outstanding and is in no way inferior to PayPal and Co. Security in all transactions through state-of-the-art encryption technologies is also a major asset.


Instant bank transfers


With this variant, there are also a number of methods and providers that you can choose from. With these payment methods, the desired transfer is actually executed immediately and without waiting time. The advantage of instant bank transfers is that there is no need to top up an intermediate account.


A common disadvantage, however, is that payouts are not possible, at least as a rule, in this way. When paying out, you have to switch to the classic bank transfer instead, which takes considerably more time. For this you will of course get the most anonymous option for withdrawals.


For all existing providers, both the identity and the deposit amount are guaranteed 100 percent. For this reason, instant banking can always be used without any problems when it comes to depositing a corresponding bonus.


Instant and Giropay


These are the two major suppliers in Germany. The private banks, such as Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank, rely primarily on immediate. Giropay, on the other hand, mainly use the Volksbanken and savings banks.


Both methods work largely the same. In addition, both Giropay and Sofort are subject to the fact that in both variants a withdrawal can only be processed via the classic bank transfer.




In comparison, Trustly is still relatively new on the road. This provider is one of the big ones, especially in the Scandinavian region. In principle, Trustly offers the same functionality as the two German providers. But as an additional plus, thanks to Trustly, there are even sports betting providers with whom you no longer have to register or even identify yourself.


You will also find detailed information in the betting area without registration. Trustly is definitely a strong payment method, does not yet work with all German banks. Pay N Play will certainly change in the future.


Wire transfer


Actually, you don’t need to say much about the classic bank transfer. After all, everyone knows this transfer, if only because almost everyone owns a bank account. This bank transfer definitely has tangible advantages. Because you don’t need an intermediate provider here.


After a withdrawal from a sports betting provider, the money is in your own bank account after a few days at the latest without detours. Due to a whole series of changes in recent years, bank transfers within Europe are now working much faster. However, one disadvantage is that you cannot bet spontaneously with a sports betting provider, because it takes a little while for the money to be credited to the betting account.


Credit cards


Furthermore, credit cards are hardly in focus, especially in Germany, which have still not been able to develop into a popular online payment method. Incidentally, this applies not only to online sports betting providers, but also to other shops. The credit cards can actually convince with some positive points. Because credit cards offer the same speed as e-wallets when paying and you can now easily pay with your credit cards in almost all situations.


Credit cards are generally highly regarded by sports betting providers. For this reason, you can also make your deposit with a credit card without hesitation if you want to secure a bonus with a sports betting provider. As a disadvantage, it must be mentioned that many criminals try especially often around the use of credit cards with crooked transactions to make money. However, this danger actually exists latently in other methods when it comes to money.




The big advantage of this method is the high security, because there is no account to crack here. After all, Paysafecard only has one voucher. However, to buy such a voucher you have to leave the house. In addition, withdrawals are usually only possible with a bank transfer using this method. Paysafecard belongs to the same group as the e-wallets Skrill and Neteller. To be honest, we are not real fans of the Paysafecard.


In addition, the amount of the deposit amount is particularly limited with this method for many sports betting providers. However, if you are very careful with the sports betting providers and the payment options, you can use Paysafecard in the first step. So maybe try a sports betting provider first with Paysafecard and then decide on one of the other payment methods.

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